G-SPEED shuttles causing BSOD after disconnecting from PC

Hi all,

I have 2 G-SPEEDs, 1x Shuttle XL 48TB with Thunderbolt 3 and 1x Shuttle XL 48TB with ev Series. Recently I bought a Lenovo Thinkpad P71 with a T3 card built in to use on set. The drives are usable on the laptop and will run copies no problem but as soon as I disconnect the cable after ejecting them in windows, I get a BSOD with the ‘reference by pointer’ code.

Other notes: I use these drives with a z840 w/ thunderbolt 2 card with no problem and have been for a while. We also have a G-RAID 16TB with thunderbolt 2 that works with no issues at all on the laptop. All drivers for the g-tech are installed and up to date and as far as I’m aware, drivers on the laptop are up to date including the thunderbolt card. I’ve also tested with T3 to T3 cables as well as T2 adapters

My suspicion is the Thunderbolt 3 itself that’s causing the problem - not sure what though.

Any other info needed let me know!

Cheers all

It is just going to be slight driver conflicts with TB3 on the system. You can always try to update the Intel Thunderbolt drives from the motherboard standpoint from Lenovo but the other recourse is if you are going to eject the drive from that system just shut it down instead then unplug it.

Thanks for the response!

It seems to crash when the connection to the drive is lost - so once the drive is turned off the blue screen appears also. It seems to be specific to the G-SPEED shuttles only.

I’m on the following versions for thunderbolt, if that’s helpful…

Software package verison:
Application version:
Service version:
Controller driver version: