G-speed Shuttle xl :NOISE FANS and Backplane Temperatur

i have problem whit high noise fan and I’m working in a condition where I need as little noise as possible.
Through the G-SPEED Software Utility I checked the temperature slightly above the target set on BACKPLANE 2.
I think it depended on this but I didn’t work in extreme external temperature conditions. I added an external fan but it doesn’t change.
I’m attaching screenshots to you.
I hope you can help me,
thnx ivo.!

The fan might not be outputting enough cooling and if an external fan is also not helping then it could be a misread or an enclosure that needs to be replaced.

You can attempt your own bit of cleaning with some canned air and see if there is debris/dust causing an issue. Remove the drives while the unit is off and clear it out.

The next step would be to replace the enclosure under warranty. You can take the CHASSIS SN from the bottom of the unit and create an RMA on our website to replace that piece alone. RMA Creation