G-Speed Shuttle TB3 won't mount


I’m a bit in panic here.

Came to the office this morning and had a message on the iMac saying I did not properly eject the speed shuttle. It’s the thunderbolt 3 version with EV port.

Now this is what I can tell you:

  • won’t mount
  • LEDs of HDDs in Port 5 and 6 flashing red several time per second
  • LED above G-Logo is solid red
  • configurator won’t find the device
  • I don’t recall what RAID system I set it up as. But I believe it is RAID5.
  • The RedMag Mini Reader works
  • The both HDDs won’t work in other slots either
  • took one of the hdds out and connected it to a sharkoon reader. Dialogue: drive can’t be read by mac.

Please help me! :slight_smile: