G-Speed Shuttle / LED light blinking

I bought G-Speed Shuttle 6TB x 4 and connected with TB3 line to windows 10 machine which supports TB3 after setting up driver and software for windows. It powers on but white LED light is blinking and no connection to my PC. How can I fix this?

Make sure the TB3 drivers are installed and set properly. Check your device manager to see if there are any conflicts presented. Try running the software utility and see if it shows up in there, you can check the background activities tab to see if anything is running in particular.

It is possible the built in TB3 support from your computer needs to be updated as well so you can check with your computer manufacturer’s site for that.

I updated Bios and TB3 driver of my computer and then I reinstall a driver for G-speed. Shuttle could be connected to my computer safely.
Thank you for your advice.