G-Speed Q will not allow write on Mac OSx 10.11

I have been back and forth with support about a G-Spped Q 12 Tb drive which gave me this message the other day…

It mounts but says it cannot be written to…

support have just said: " Actually, the configurator itself hasn’t been updated since 2012, it is a very old software and as such likely won’t work very well on a lot of current operating systems.

Usually the best chance at successfully reading the drives is via Windows. If you have access to a Windows computer that you can do the RAID setup on, then bring it back to Mac to format it after would have the best chance.

But since the product is EOL and has been for a long time we don’t have any updated software to configure the drive.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further."

Is this really the sort of answer to expect for what was a £3000 purchase at the time?

Has anyone successfully managed to reformat a troublesome G-Speed Q on Mac recently, or is there any other 3rd party software that I can use on it?

Many thanks,