G-Speed Q for Windows

Hi, I am not a techy, so excuse any stupid question. In the manual, it says " For Windows please visit… "
Funny fact, the link is broken.
So my question is, how to change the G to work under Windows. I read by default it is formatted for Mac.
If I format it, what happens to the RAID?
Also, which of the connections is the fasted. I am in the video editing sector. 4.6k footage.

Another thing is, I want to use the G as a shared drive between 2 PCs. I saw it has 2 firewire ports. Can I use that to connect 2 PCs? Asking because in the recommendation for performance it says USB 3.0 or eSATA.
Thanks in advance!


You can only attach a hard drive to 1 computer at a time.

The process to format it for Windows is on our top FAQs page: Format for Windows

USB 3.0 would be the fastest solution on that drive.