G-SPEED Q and G-SPEED es drive swap

I am running a g-speed Q on my MacBook pro using eSata to USB 3 cable. It’s been working great.
I bought a new g-speed es chassis and put my drives in it, I used the same eSata converter cable and plugged it into the USB 3 port, now it doesn’t recognize the drives and wants me to initialize them.
I noticed that when I power the es unit on that none of the drive lights turn on like with the Q chassis, is that normal?
I put the drives back in the Q chassis and using the same eSata converter to USB 3 and everything is working fine.
What is the problem.

The eS doesn’t work the same way the Q did.

The Q has a self contained RAID controller, the eS requires an external controller in order to work. You would need to install a Highpoint RocketRAID 644L card into a computer that can support PCI cards.

You cannot adapt that sort of eSATA to a USB unfortunately as it requires a RAID controller to work. You are better off trying to find another Q enclosure instead of trying to use the eS. Also they are not compatible controllers and the drives would not be interchangeable and retain data.

Thanks for your quick response

Does it mean that the G-SPEED ES, if plugged in a standard eSata port, would work, but could be used only as “JBOD”, each drive appearing separately in the macOS Disk Utility?
It seems to be the case according to the various topics I read; any feedback from someone who has the experience would be great!
Thank you

Using an eSata to USB Type-C cable for the G-Speed ES with MacOS 12.4 only addresses the first drive. The other 3 drives do not respond and have no light on indicating active.