G-Speed "Legacy" support is: You're on your own

I have a G-Speed Q 12Tb. It won’t mount. Asks to initialize. Won’t initialize. Error message says partition is too big. Tried two different Macs, Firewire, USB and Sata. No luck. Drive starts normally. All blue lights on the drives, red warning triangle goes out when it should. Phoned G-Technology who told me it’s out of warranty and they don’t support “legacy” products. Called recovery services, all of whom tell me they recover data and don’t troubleshoot drives for issues like this. Junk.

Update: After posting here and other places, I was contacted by support. He was knowledgeable and didn’t rush, but in the end we reached a dead end. First generation (2011) G-Speed Q raids have been abandoned technically. It came down to taking out the drives, re-purposing them and throwing away the housing. It makes for 4 very expensive internal 3Tb drives.