G-SPEED es replacement 3tb drive not auto rebuilding on raid 5 (Mac)


Dear Sirs, I am looking for some support or advice please.

We have a G-SPEED es which is setup as Raid 5 setup for Mac OSx 10.11

They have had a disk failure on disk 4. To our amazement the drives for this device were no longer available. We were advised to purchase a 3 TB HST Enterprise drive for a similar / newer G-Technology model which we have done.

We have replace the drive in the unit and were expecting the raid to start rebuilding the replacement disk but it did not. The drive appears in the list under the raid utilty with a small arrow next to it. Also when the replacement drive was inserted into the G-Speed ES, the Mac warned that the disk was not formatted. The G-SPEED also confirms this that it is not formatted. Should the single drive be formatted first (on the mac side using disk utlity) before it is recognized by the g-speed raid utility and then the rebuild will take place?

Any advice would be gratefully welcome.


You will need to use the G-Speed webGui to do the rebuild. You need the Highpoint RAID software installed for your unit and support will go thru them.


Hi Rydia, the G-SPEED webgui is already installed and active. Is there a link to this Highpoint RAID software and manual. If i rebuild will it wipe existing data from the raid?


I think the Highpoint Raid Software is what is installed and rebranded as G-Speed and that is how i already have the webgui to view the raid set.

I need to know how to added the replacement disk so the raid operates as normal




Our version of the software stopped working in 10.8.x In order to use the device beyond 10.9 a replacement card the 644L is required and an update of the software bringing it out of our support.


Hi Rydia, apologies the machine IS running 10.8.5 not 10.11 as originally specified. Further instructions to add the replacement drive to the raid would be appreciated. Screen shot attached.


Due to legacy support you’ll need to call in for support for this. 888.426.5214 in the US