G-Speed 16TB: One drive failure...now other 3 aren;t working

I have a 16tb G Speed drive. It is plugged in and mounted.

I had one drive fail, and that drive is on its way back to GTech. The other three were working.

Ordered a new replacement drive from BH. It came. I installed it and it said it was not recognized. I found info on forums and followed those directions to “format” that drive - but took the other three drives out when doing so so that I didnt inadvertenly format them…

That worked for the new drive, but now the other three are flashing red.

Can anyone help?

In order to get the replacement drive to work in the G-Speed you would need to do the rebuild, not a format.

You have to go through the process of adding the drive to the available selection of drives to rebuild with in the software utility.

If you have one of the G-Speed Studio devices it means you have to go to the Physical Disk tab and set the drive as unconfigured from passthru. Once that is done you can go to the Disk Array tab and click the Rebuild button.

Can someone walk me through this process, as I don’t see “rebuild” as an option in Disk Utility.


It is not in Disk Utility as mentioned, it is in the G-Speed Software Utility. Please call in for support to guide you further 888.426.5214 for US based support.