G-Sense error rate on HDD

Recently I had problem with my laptop HP Probook 4530 s. While I was working on it, windows stop working. I restart  but it couldn’t start up again. I can see the screen with options: Start windows normally, start with last good known configuration… Etc., but when I choose one nothing moves, only black screen …
I took my laptop to store where I bought to see what is the problem, and they claim that the error shown below is the problem of my hard drive and it was caused by my false-  hard shake. Also I can’t use my warranty for this kind of problem and I must buy new hdd.

* Can anyone describe me exactly what is problem about, because I want to prove them that it isn’t my false… I take a lot of care of it :slight_smile: thanks

This is from their e-mail, description about problem:



G-sense error rate

This parameter indicates the number of errors caused by externally-induced shock or vibration.

G-Sense Error Rate - Attribute information

Attribute Name:

G-Sense Error Rate

Attribute ID:



Attribute meaning:

Rate of errors occurring as a result of impact loads. This attribute stores an indication of a shock-sensitive sensor, that is, the total quantity of errors occurring as a result of internal impact loads (dropping drive, wrong installation, etc.).

Hi what hard drive is it. The g-sense does indicate shocks to the hard drive, walking around with it running, or bumping it can cause this. As a example a lot of laptop’s have a head park feature so if it gets a shock it will park the heads on the drive. If you have your laptop on a table and bump the table it will trigger the hard drive park feature so they are very sensitive. Since the hard drive is a oem one it is under warranty from HP for one year the same as the complete laptop. So if it is under one year old contact HP otherwise you need to buy a new drive. Although I have put in Scorpio black drives and even when first setting them up installing windows and you get a g-sense error not bumping anything maybe the head park feature causes this I have not found a answer to it yet sorry.