G-Safe Gen3 1TB - Double Source (+Beeping) Error


I have a customer’s G-Safe Gen3 1TB unit here that continually beeps with a Double Source error when powered on. In this state it won’t mount and isn’t accessible from the Mac/Disk Utility.

If either of the drives are removed, the unit will mount and which ever drive is plugged in is accessible.

There’s no data to worry about, and both individual drives seem to check OK (and both have been formatted).

Can anything be done to return the unit to a functioning state?


Turn the unit on with one drive, slide the 2nd drive in after it has mounted and on the front panel it should ask you to rebuild from 1>2 or 2>1 depending on which one you chose to place in. If you hit the ENT button right away it will be able to rebuild and turn it back into a mirror.