G-Safe Gen Drive Size

I am new to these drives and have a couple of questions about the G-Safe Gen 3 1TB…

  • Know it has 1TB in the Description, however I did read that other sizes drives can be used… Can I use 2TB drives?
  • I have placed two 2TB drives into the G-Safe, will the device see 4TB or 1TB…

Many Regards, Paul

It will work with 2TB drives, the size will be 2TB. The device is a RAID1 only device.

Many thanks for the quick answer…

when I use the Mac Disk Utility I only see 1TB… do I have to do anything to get the disk to show 2TB?


As long as you put both 2TB drives in at the same time and didn’t try mirroring one of the 1TB drives to the 2TB it will be its full capacity.

again thanks, I think that is what I have done, how do I do a rebuild?


The screen on the front of the G-SAFE will prompt you to rebuild if necessary. Otherwise you don’t need to do anything.

Many thanks all done and working…

Hi Rydia, Hoping this question dated (12/21/19) will reach you.

I’m researching my G-Safe 1TB Raid 1 drive. I no longer need it as a mirrored drive. I am wondering if there is ANY way to undo the RAID. Or, is it truly a permanent RAID 1 mirrored setup? Thanks.