G-Raids can't be put into Raid mode on Mac

My drives are recognized and mount like they should (One USB3 and one Thunderbolt drive) but it seems my Mac can’t create any type of Raid… I can’t get the “next” button to become active. I would assume that this means that my data is only stored on one of the two drives and no raid activity is happening…

What do I do?

BR Jesanthe

Our G-RAID removable units are hardware RAIDed devices and the RAID is controlled by our configurators.

Only our old G-RAID w/ Thunderbolt (no USB, just 2x Thunderbolt 1 ports) is a software RAID device that you would use Disk Utility for.

Ahaa! Thanks Rydia! I did not realise this. So basically I should be good to go then? My thunderbolt drive has two thunderbolt ports and one SS USB.

BR Kaj