G-Raid2 TB3 on Max OSX 10.15 can´t change RAID/find drive

I bought at 8Tb G-Raid2 Thunderbolt 3 drive and using at Mac mini Late 2012 without Thunderbolt 3, running OSX 10.15 (Catalina)

Im using the USB-C to USB A cable that came along with the G-raid2 drive to connect my Mac, using the USB 3.0 ports.

OSX comes with a “Connect Thunderbolt accessories to thunderbolt port” and the GTC (1.1.52) cant find the drive.

The thunderbolt 1/Mini display port on min Mac im using to my screen, because HDMI does not support the resolution of the screen

Bought the G-raid2 TB3 to be futuresafe (the speed is not that important) and it impossible to upgrade my mac the next couple of year to one with Thunderbolt 3.

I know there is a expensive Apple USB-C/thunderbolt3 to Thunderbolt1/2/displayport adaptor, but since i can´t use the TB1/display port on my mac and i find i too expensive it it only to make the RAID config.

I tried my network, but none got a PC/Mac with USB-C/Thunderbolt3 ports.

How do i get to use my new G-raid2 Thunderbolt3 drive on my mac?

Protect your data against hardware failure with a mirrored RAID set. When you create a mirrored RAID set, your data is written to multiple disks so the information is stored redundantly. You can’t create a RAID set on your startup disk; you must first start up your computer from another disk.
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If you think it’s a problem with your Mac or Disk Utility: Quit and reopen Disk Utility or restart your Mac, then open Disk Utility again and check the RAID set.