G-RAID won't start after power loss and restore


I have recently bought a 12GB G-RAID with Thunderbolt 2 and connected it to my Mac mini.
The Mac mostly acts as a an unattended, headless server.

Today a breaker went off in my flat and all sockets lost the power. After fixing the the issue with the breaker and restoring the power in the sockets the Mac automatically powered on but the G-RAID didn’t.

Is it normal?
Is it possible to set it up?

I am worried that when I go away and there is a random power cut in the area I won’t be able to access the data even if the power comes back.


Were you able to resolve your issue?

I have the same problem with a G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 unit attached to an iMac.
There is a newer, similar thread on this forum where users are suggesting some type of external robotic finger. I am researching if I can find something that I can control with my HA software or via AppleScript.


Not yet. Yes, it was me posting about Microbot. I haven’t tried it yet but will probably go for it for the lack of other solutions.

Downsides of the Microbot are that it is battery powered therefore needs to be recharged periodically (once in 6 months as claims the producer) and also bluetooth connection, which might not be 100% reliable.

Here is the link to ‘main’ thread: Auto Restart after power failure