G-Raid with Thunderbolt and MiniDisplayPort daisy chain

I have a Mac mini Server 2011 with a single thunderbolt port. It is connected to a G-Raid with Thunderbolt (no USB). The second Thunderbolt port on the G-Raid has a miniDisplayPort cable to a mid 2010 iMac that supports Target display mode. When I activate the TDM screen sometimes there is interference on the iMac display. The interference is intermittent. Sometimes none, sometimes a lot. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with disk access on the G-raid. It even occurs with the G-raid powered off. I tried using another Mac as the source and the problem still occurs so it isn’t the Mac mini Server. I tried a new apple thunderbolt cable and the problem occurs. If I cable directly from the Mac mini server to the iMac, no interference.
So it is the G-raid device’s thunderbolt ports daisy chained that seems to be the problem. I tried swapping the order of the cables, no difference, it still has interference. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

It could be due to the age of the device or the computer not being able to handle a clean transfer via daisy chain. If you had another device to try the chain > display with as well you could see if that is true or if it just an issue with the G-RAIDs backplane only.

If it is under warranty you could get a replacement unit. Warranty and RMA creation

Thanks for the response. I did use a newer iMac as the video source ( instead of the older Mac mini server) and had the same problem. So that is why I believe it is the G-raid, generating interference. I don’t have another mini display port capable display to check, but since there is no interference with the non daisy chain connection I don’t think it is the iMac being used as the display.

It is an old device well past warranty, but I was hoping someone else had seen the problem and might have some solution I hadn’t thought of yet.