G-RAID with Removable Drives 8TB (Gen7) Stopped Working--Panicked


I have several G-drives all filled with video footage. In August I purchased the 8TB. All has been fine and today I need to make editing changes to a project but the drive isn’t working. it clicks very loudly. Sometimes it shows up on the desk top for a minute and then it says Mac OS can’t repair this drive. It says I can copy files from the drive but before I get started it crashes. Can anyone help?


If there are loud clicking noises coming from the device then it could be that one of the drives in the G-RAID has failed and that is why it dismounted. Is there a red light on the front of the unit? Did you leave the G-RAID as is out of the box or did you configure it for RAID1?

If the drive was purchased last August then it would still be within warranty depending on the place of purchase. You can generate an RMA on our website for a replacement: RMA