G-Raid total failure, new enclosure might help?

On Mac OS X

4TB G-Raid in a mirrored config.

Drive failed today not even showing up on desktop. Diskwarrior only finds a disk that it says it can’t do anything with.

Disk utility shows a drive that is only 104mb large.

It seesm to me that it might be the enclosure that has failed not the drives. I hope so since that might mean a recovery. I’m in the middle of a video editing job where half the footage has not been backed up properly.

Anyway my thought might be this. If I get a new enclosure of the exact same type and swap the drives over, will it pick up the drives as a paired mirrored raid or will there be unique coding/identifiers within the failed enclosure that might prevent a new enclosure seeing the mirrored set in the correct way and recovering the data.

Thanks everyone

Oh it’s a dual thunderbolt enclosure by the way.

Any chance you found a solution? I had the same issue - I bought an identical enclosure and fired it up with the drives from my failed enclosure in it. My computer immediately says “unable to read” but in disk utility it now does show up, but says it’s a full drive "‘Uninitialized”. It wouldn’t even show up in disk utility, so at least I am fairly confident that the actual data on my drives is there.

I’m getting an enclosure tomorrow so will test then. Have you tried swapping the drives in their bays?