G-Raid TB2 Only shows half the disk size

Hi, I’ve been struggling with configuring my drive into ExFat Raid 1 on Windows 10. I’d like to be able to use the drive on a mac as well.

I understand, following the manual, that I have to format the drive into NTSF first. But now it only shows me half the disks size and in the format options there are only NTFS to choose from, no ExFat optional.

And shouldn’t it show me a disk size of 12tb?

Grateful for input as I need to use disk already, cheers //Erik

My KIT SN is B469W00142

Or could it be so that I before already configured the drives to Raid 1 and now when I reformat, I format the unit of the two drives and therefor it only shows me 5589 GB?

Of course. If you use RAID1, your raw capacity is half the total of the two drives.

BTW, delete your serial numbers from your posts. No one needs to know them.

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Yeah, thanks Tony. I guess I was confused because I couldn’t see any verification that I some time ago managed to configure it into Raid 1. So now, of course, in what ever format I format it into it formats both drives but shows it as one unit?

Still a problem though that on my Windows 10 I can’t choose to format it into ExFat. Any thoughts on that?

And, how would I un-raid it and get my 12tb back?

Cheers //Erik

Not too familiar with the G-RAID platform, but if either RAID 0 or “spanning” are options, that would allow use of all the storage with no redundancy.

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The device is a hardware RAID so configuring the device is done with our software. You would have to switch it back to RAID0 using the software. Once that is complete you will get the full 12TB capacity but you will have no protection and you’ll need to format it again.

After you have formatted the drive to NTFS if you right click on the drive and select format you will get exFAT as an option.

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OK Rydia, I will try that when I get back to my system. But If you mean right click and format in Disk Management, it doesn’t give me the option of exFat. Only NTFS.

BTW, will my drive perform better on my PC with NTFS than it will with exFat or it doesn’t matter?

Thanks //Erik

It will perform the same, exFAT isn’t as stable as NTFS as it is a newer file system and it is universal. But it is still a solid format.

If your computer isn’t letting you do exFAT then something on your computer is blocking it. There are articles out there that can help you if you search for it.

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A major downside (IMHO) to ExFAT is the HUGE Minimum Allocation Units that are used (at least in Windows).

For most drives, it’s set to 32Kb. I think you can make them bigger, but I don’t remember if you can make them smaller.

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