G-RAID Studio with Thunderbolt JBOD Configuration

I have a brand new 8TB drive with Thunderbolt that I have connected to my MacBook Pro. If I reconfigure the G-RAID Studio Drive as JBOD, will the unit behave as two separate 4TB disks? Can I use one as a backup for the other using SuperDuper?


Yes it can do that exactly. We’ve recommended that process to many customers.


Hello. I purchased an 8tb G-Drive Thunderbolt 2 for my Windows 10 laptop and downloaded the set up configurator, and selected that the drives be set up for JBOD (not Raid 1, etc.). The software formatted the dual discs, but now neither drive is visible in Windows. I probably have made a mistake, but I’ll need advice on how to discover the two drives. They are not visible in the W10 Disk Management or Device Manager/Disk Drives.

Can you help?

After you have changed them to JBOD they need to be initialized and formatted.

Once you enter Disk Management they should show as disks in the bottom section. They will need to be initialized and then formatted before they will mount and be usable.

Where did you find the download for the G-Raid with thunderbolt configurator?

Thank you this is solved now, WD sent me a link to the right configurator which I could not find on the website anywhere. Along with instructions on how to erase and rename the drives once they are in JBOD mode

Remember to eject all other external hard drives when you run this configurator software so it can find the right drive :slight_smile:

here is the link