G-Raid Studio shows up in Thunderbolt Software, but doesn't mount?

Basically, my G-Raid studio will not seem to mount on my computer and does not show up in disk management, but I can see it in my Thunderbolt Software, and also in the G-Raid Studio Configurator, but I have no option to configure it. I downloaded all the Windows drivers and everything so I don’t think that could be the issue. I did have to buy a few extra things to go with it, 1. A new power adapter because the original one went missing, and 2. A Thunderbolt 2 to Thunder 3 adapter. I have the Asus Thunderbolt EX3 card, so I needed an adapter to be able to plug anything into it. When I turn on the drive, it flashes red once, then white multiple times, then solid white. Only the lights come on though, the drive doesn’t actually fully power up. Anyone know what the issue could be?