G-RAID STUDIO 6TB not mounting in windows 10

Hi, my G-RAID STUDIO 6TB external Thunderbolt 2 hard drives (GT0G04418), Doesn’t mount properly on the desktop. Intermittently, it works fine,
the power supply light is green, the drive LED lights is white, the fan is on, the discs are making normal reading noises, it shows up on disk management and Thunberbolt softwares in Windows 10 (Razor Blade Thunderbolt 3 through an adapter Thunderbolt 2).

But all of a sudden it does not. The power is on, the drive stop turning and the computer loses link.
Usually, while doing video editing…

I’ve tried different Thunderbolt cables, rebooting the computer which worked a few time (temporarely), but not anymore…

Could anyone provide any solutions?

I am have the same issue. My PC crashed, so I purchase an HP Z1 G3 which I use for video editing.
HP is now using Thunderbolt 3, but of course there were not much choice for external drives with 3.
So I purchase G Dock with two evDrives and a Apple 3 to 2 adapter. Sometime they mount and other times not.
They do not show up in disk manager. When I first got G Dock and drives, I did reformat them to Windows.
I would sometimes disconnect thunderbolt cable, reboot, and plug in hot and they would appear. Now nothing!
I think Thunderbolt and Windows do not play together well. Any help would be appreciated.