G-RAID solid red G light on powerup


Hi All,
I have a thunderbolt G-RAID that has a solid red G. When I cycled power, I found that the G turns red the instant the power is turned on. I’ve re-racked the drives and nothing changes. Fan doesn’t turn on either.
Any ideas on what’s failed? I can’t imagine it’s the drives as the light turned red the instant power is applied.



The unit will start red upon boot due to it checking the health of the RAID. If it stays red after that initial power on sequence then it is likely there is something wrong with the RAID controller. You will need to run the configurator to see what is the issue. It is possible one of the drives is no longer in sync with the other drive or the enclosure itself is the problem.


I’ve gotten the configurator and it isn’t recognizing the enclosure. I know there is come communication across the thunderbolt cable as I have two other drives daisy chained off of this one and they are working fine.