G-RAID not setup as a RAID but used as two separate HD


Hello - and sorry, if my question(s) seem rather simple. Anyway here’s the scenario:

I want to connect a G-RAID


to an iMac via Thunderbolt. I’d prefer to use the 2 HD in it as 2 separate HD: One for my working files (mostly graphic files like InDesign data and images) and the other one for Time Machine backup of the first HD AND the internal HD in the iMac.

Would this work?

And additionally this question: The HDMI connection in the G-RAID can be used to daisy chain a display - right? In this case the display is DVI and would be connected with an DVI on HDMI adapter. Again: Would this work - too?

Thanks a lot for your effort in advance!


You can definitely use the drive in the manner you wish. You will need to download our configurator and change the drive to a JBOD, which makes them individual and will both mount separately.

The HDMI to DVI is not a use case I have been aware of but it should work just fine.


Rydia, thank you very much for your quick response!

I looked on the download section of the WD site and found “WD Drive Utilities for Mac” here:

Is this the software that you are referring to? G-RAID is not listed as an “Applicable Product” - ?!?


No, it isn’t a WD device. It is a G-Technology device so it will be on the G-Technology website.

G-RAID Removable w/TB Configurator


So now I have the software. All I still need to do is to go and get me the iMac and the G-RAID :wink:

Thanks again for your support!!


Hi Rydia, sorry for bothering you again but …

I had a bit of a research on the internet just to find out about JBOD and make sure things will work in the intended way. What I found is quite contradictory information. It seems like it depends on the manufacturer of a HD controller whether a JBOD mounts hard drives separately or combines them to one logic drive.

Just to make sure: Do you know for certain that JBOD will result in two separate drives for the device that we are talking about (G-RAID Thunderbolt 3)?


It is 2 individual drives.


Okay, thanks again. I’m looking forward to it :wink:


I have similar question. I realize they are two separate drives mounted in one enclosure however, if set a JBOD will OSX see them as two separate and individual disk drives or as is common with many RAID controllers that support JBOD combine multiple drives storage into one larger drive available to the OS?


is that possible also with the firewire version of the G-Raid 2TB (Firewire/USB 2.0) ?


@MiamiC70 Yes it is 2 individual drives that the computer will see an interact with.

@allucinox No it will not work with that device. It has a different controller in it that wasn’t designed for RAID changing.