G-Raid not mounting; now not turning on

My 4TB G-Raid recently stopped mounting to my windows 10 PC.
I took it to a store where they connected to a Mac right away - which meant the drive was till in working order.
I brought it back, switched around some USB inputs - and made sure the input into the PC was going into an SS USB-slot. This WORKED - then recently, it disappeared again. I then tried to vary the power input (may have been a bad idea). Now the drive just won’t start up.

Since it’s going to be quite impossible to get it looked at right now, question is:

  • can I dis-assemble the drive from it’s enclosure and connect it directly to my computer?
  • can I dis-assemble and just find a new external enclosure?

I am unfamiliar with RAID drives so am not sure if these are thicker and need different enclosures/ cables/ power to do either of the above.
Thank you!