G|RAID Mini works with Win 7 but not Win 8

My father purchased the G|RAID Mini external hard drive for us for Christmas and he had several emails with Rydia to get it working successfully for Windows 7. (Thank you Rydia). Unfortunately, he didn’t know that we would be using it on Windows 8.

The one time I was able to get past the “continual search” for the drive, it was only visible in “device manager” where it showed that it was “working properly”. However, it was not accessible for use with “file explorer” and it did not show up in “computer” with the other hard drive, etc… It also did not show up in “disk management” as suggested on the g-technology.com support/troubleshooting page. I tried to “update driver” but it said we were using the latest driver. It also occasionally locks up the computers (both of them) so I am hesitant to plug it into the Windows 8 computers anymore. Is there something I can do to get Windows 8 to be able to use it like possibly an updated Windows 8 driver? It is seen immediately and works fine with Windows 7. It is a G|RAID mini 2 TB USB 3.0 and firewire 800 external hard drive. We are using it with USB. The serial number does not end in -JM. Thank you in advance for any help.

The support and process for it to work on Windows 7 is identical to Windows 8 and even 10. There are no changes or updates needed. If the Windows 8 isn’t able to access the drive there might be an issue with that particular system.

Hi Rydia. Thank you for your response
​. I tried it on
​4 different Windows 8 computers
​ and a​
ll of them do the same thing as I stated before. It shows up in “devices”
but is not accessible in “explorer” or “computer”. Are you sure there isn’t
​we are missing about Windows 8?
​ Windows 8 identifies it as a SCSI drive and I have found other people
complaining about SCSI devices not being supported in Windows 8 but I can’t
find any specific information about this drive. It works great on Windows 7
and 10 but definitely not on any Windows 8 computers that I have access to.
It tried to talk my daughters into upgrading to Windows 10 so they could
use the drive but they want to stay with Windows 8.


Are the systems you are trying it on 8 or 8.1? Again there are no updates or any tricks to forcing it to work on a Windows 8 system.

As long as it was working on another Windows system and it was formatted for Windows then it will work on them all from Vista till 10.

We are using Windows 8. I am considering an upgrade to 8.1 to see if it
makes a difference. If it is free, I will try it this week. I tried to
talk my daughters into upgrading to Windows 10 but they are not interested.