G-RAID Drive Upgrade FW800 Version


I have an old 1TB (2x500GB) RAID 0

One of the drives has failed after many years of using it. I know I can just put a standard 500GB WD drive in and it will become a 1TB drive again, but can I put larger drives in since I am having to purchase one drive anyway?

The Drive is the GR2 35/1TB UKEU version and has worked flawlessly for years. Also what would the limit be and will I need some software to do that update?

That drive never tested anything over 500GB drives in it and the technology in the controller doesn’t support drives over 2TB. The largest you might get to work in there are 1TB drives however there is no way to reconfigure that RAID when you place 2 new drives in it.

It is a better solution to move on to a new RAID device that is actually user serviceable like our G-RAID removable drives.

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