G-raid 8TB used for 5 years.. should i replace with a new one?

i have 2x G-Raid 8TB daisy chained to my iMac
using them for about 5 years
just about 20 min every day for back up purposes
i work on adobe indesign, no video streaming

i herd that drives have expiry date, and g-raid may crash after 4 years of usage
should i replace the drives in side?
if so how do I know the date of the drive ( i don’t remover actually when i bought it)
and how can i replace it?
and if so , can i replace it with a bigger one?

please do help

With your particular drives if they are still FW800 equiped G-RAIDs then you’ll want to upgrade to the USB 3 and Thunderbolt models as they are capable of much more. Faster drives and the ability to change RAID policy.

they are thunderbolt


If they are Thunderbolt only than my recommendation still stands. Those were software only RAID devices and not removable drives so servicing them is harder to manage. You can replace the drives if you wish and create a new RAID however. That process would be done in the Disk Utility.


thunder only

can you suggest any link that would show me how to replace them?

and if i go to purchase what drivrs do you suggest?

please send links

We don’t have instructions on how to do so because swapping out the drives would have been a violation of warranty originally. These aren’t designed for swapping but they can be done by just unscrewing the drive and unplugging the drives inside. The drives we built for the unit were always HGST Ultrastar drives. You can swap to other drives if you wish but we never tested otherwise.