G-Raid 6TB software download. Help needed!

I have 2 G-Raid 6TB, have not been used for many years and now I try to use it. But I found on your webside that all software has gone. I understood it is old product, no further update is reasonable. But the last updated software should be in place since people may need it.

Anyway, I do need all related software for both Macos and Windows, drivers and raid untility. Could WD staff help on this?


Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Just bought a new unit from WD directly only to find there’s no software available. Unacceptable.

This company opted to take the product back at their cost rather than supply the required software. Unbelievable and then they’ll wonder why they’re losing money. Completely incompetent and it’s probably the las time I’ll buy their products.