G-RAID 4th gen fan controller

I need to find out where to get a temp sensor switch for a G_RAID 4th gen 1 TB. No one at G-TECH has a clue as to how to findout the part number. No markings on the sensor. Any one have any ideas/ Fan won’t turn on without it. Fan is good.

Well I found out what I’m looking for is an NTC Thermistor. Now All I need to find out is what ohm was used. There are many choices.

HI Mike,

I’m having exactly the same problem with an 8TB G-RAID. Did you ever figure out the specs for the thermistor? I need to replace mine too.

No I never did find out the spec. I did get one to try from this one company but it didn’t work. I ended up just hard wiring it so it was always on. I just keep a spare fan in case the one I have konks out. I also only turn it on when I need it.

Thanks for the response. I was thinking of hardwiring it - did that simply involve wrapping the two posts on the thermistor socket?

If you know how to wire it so it’s always on would you mind sharing? Thanks!