G-Raid 24Tb Thunderbolt 3 unable to initialize Windows 10

I am trying to initialize a brand new 24tb G-Raid Thunderbolt 3 drive. I have several of these thunderbolt 3 drives (12 & 16tb) already. When I connect it the computer (Windows 10 64 bit, 64Gb RAM, Asus Thunderbolt 3 Interface card) Disk Management asks to initialize the disk as a GPT drive. When I click to continue I get an error saying that the drive is not large enough to do this.

Exactly what is the error message?

It is attempting to GPT a small 200MB partition.

These devices are formatted for Mac out of the box. So in order to use it on Windows you will need to first remove the Mac partitions from it.

If you want to change the device to RAID1 mirror then just using our configurator software to change the RAID will solve that.

If you want to keep it at 24TB and use it as a RAID0 device then you will need to follow the Windows 10 format instructions: Format for Windows