G-RAID 12TB started becoming very noisy - enclosure/software issue?

Hello. My G-Raid 12TB unit using Raid 1 over 2 disks worked perfectly for several months. However, recently the unit became very noisy and loud even when not in use. I swapped drives, bought one new drive to replace what I thought may be the noisy disk, but it turned out that it didn’t matter what I did - the noise would come back (it kind of sounds like a disk is running super fast). Disk utility didn’t show any issues.

I think it may be a fan issue. The unit seems to work fine but the noise is too loud and distracting and is causing me concern about the life span of the unit. Any ideas of how to fix it if it is a fan issue?



I am very satisfied with their speed, ease of set up, and RAID options. I have the 3 drives set up in different options syncing them together to take advantage.