G-Rack 12 slow read/write

Greetings fellow dweebs,

I have 3 g-rack 12, in three separate offices all having the same problem. This is a new problem, for 5 months these g-racks were working fine.

The problem is slowness, we were getting 400-800MB/s R/W on these boxes and now we are getting capped around 70MB/s. We’ve tried many client nodes and ruled out the problem to be client related.

I’m currently trying to rule out network issues, however since this is my only 10gig device currently I don’t have much to adequately compare the problem to.

What I can say, is that we are seeing faster speeds on the 1gig ports than we are on the 10gig ports.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what the obvious problem might be?

Contact the G-RAID12 support team @ G-RACK Support