G Drive won't power up...DC input faulty?

Having a real problem turning on my G Drive…it feels like there is an issue either with the dc power input cable or the dc input socket that the cable plugs into…I have managed to get it started a couple of times by pulling the input cable out slightly but this no longer works…Help! I have so much important stuff on this drive! Even when it sounds like the power is getting through, it then makes a clicking noise (like its trying to mount the drive) and then powers down again…
Any advice?

In the event that you have an issue like this it sounds like the enclosure is the issue. If you have content inside your best option would be to open the enclosure and swap the drive to another enclosure in order to retain the data.

You can use just about any enclosure as long as it is the same form factor. A desktop hard drive that has a power adapter would be a 3.5" form factor so an enclosure that allows that size drive can be acquired and then swap the drive to it.