G-Drive With Thunderbolt1 Firmware Update

Hello I have a G-Drive With Thunderbolt1 (think it’s a pro). For over a year, I have been having problems with conflicts with the drive when booting in to Windows 10 via Bootcamp. If I leave the drive switched on - it will cause the system to crash and reboot, but when the drive was switched off there was no problem.

As I use this for Time Capsule backup in Mac, this wasn’t a major issue as when booting in to Windows, I just had to remember to make sure that it was switched off.

But now the issue is happening on the Mac side as well! I have installed the new 10.15 Catalina and am finding that the drive is now causing my OS X to crash and reboot again.

So was wondering if there was a Firmware update available for my Drive to see if this could fix the issue? According to Mac System Information, it says that I currently have Firmware Version 26.1.

There are no firmware updates for the G-Drive w/ TB1

Thank you for letting me know Rydia.