G-Drive With Thunderbolt1 Firmware Update

Hello I have a G-Drive With Thunderbolt1 (think it’s a pro). For over a year, I have been having problems with conflicts with the drive when booting in to Windows 10 via Bootcamp. If I leave the drive switched on - it will cause the system to crash and reboot, but when the drive was switched off there was no problem.

As I use this for Time Capsule backup in Mac, this wasn’t a major issue as when booting in to Windows, I just had to remember to make sure that it was switched off.

But now the issue is happening on the Mac side as well! I have installed the new 10.15 Catalina and am finding that the drive is now causing my OS X to crash and reboot again.

So was wondering if there was a Firmware update available for my Drive to see if this could fix the issue? According to Mac System Information, it says that I currently have Firmware Version 26.1.

There are no firmware updates for the G-Drive w/ TB1

Thank you for letting me know Rydia.

did you get this resolved ? I’m having the same issue ? thanks for any info

I have been having a somewhat similar issue. When G DRIVE PRO Thunderbolt (Thunderbolt 1) is mounted on my iMac, I get random shutdowns (crashes). This started after Catalina install. Have tried many clean installs, drive was replaced on warranty, and new cable, but still happens. Not when USB drives are mounted though, only with the Thunderbolt drive.