G Drive will not eject

Dear WDStaff,

So I just bought a BRAND NEW G Drive today at an Apple Store, moved a ton of files onto it, closed any software related to opening those files, and the drive will now NOT eject. It asks me if I want to “Force Eject,” and if I say ‘yes,’ it then tells me I may lose data.

What the heck is going on? And with a brand new drive?

I see a post about this from 2 years ago, and that WDStaff person suggested erasing the drive and starting over (after moving files off of it). Is this really the solution we should have to employ? If so, I will just return this drive and buy a different brand. (I already spent 2 hours putting files onto this, not going through that again.)

Respond if you like, WD.

Something in the background still has a hold of the drive. If this ever occurs the safest thing to do is just shut down the computer and then turn off the drive.