G-drive usb connection is lost in WIN 10 when I am copying files

I can use my G-Drive OK on my WIN 10 Desk Computer. The trouble is when I am using it on my WIN 10 laptop. It is acknowledged and I can read files on it. When I try to transfer a large group of photos to the drive from my laptop, the transfer starts OK then halts. I get a windows explorer message that the USB connection was dropped due to a fault in the device. I have not received any issues like this with my desktop computer.


Check to make sure you have all the installed updates and interface drivers for your laptop. It is possible that over USB it drops the connection due to an out of date driver. Also have you checked other ports on your system? Make sure you’re plugging directly into your system and not a hub.

I have updated all my drivers and updates, including my BIOS. The unusual
issue with the G-Drive is that it will read files OK, and it only drops the
USB port when I try to write several photos to it. I have another WD
external USB 3.0 drive that has no problems on this computer. I can read
and write to it with no issues. This issue happens on all the USB ports on
the computer. Can the issue have something to do with the SCSI to USB
converter on the G-Drive?


What SCSI to USB converter? That protocol was never an issue for G-Tech products.

Have you tried copying off any data you need and erasing it to see if it allows for writing without dropping?

Hello, I have the same issue. Windows 10, G-Drive USB 4TB. I can read the stored documents fine, but I’m not able to copy. It’s formatted in exFat. The only computer that can copy files to it is my late 2008 macbook pro.

My guess is I’m missing a driver in the windows pc. However there are no G-Drive USB drivers available for download.