G Drive USB C Won't Initialize Not Enough Space

I have a g drive 3 TB usb c which was formatted for MAC, I need to initialize and reformat for win 10. I tried the procedure for cleaning the drive with diskpart and then trying to initialize using disk manager in win 10 to format and partition but with no luck. when I view the drive using diapart it says the drive is online but with 0 mb when I try to initialize with win drive manager as gpt it says there is not enough space. These procedures just do not work for me Any help please

Just use our formatting software and it should solve it. Otherwise call in for direct support.

Windows Format Wizard

Hello,I’ve tried that it did not work i get the same result

3TB hard drive should be initialized to be GPT instead of MBR which only works with disks under 2TB. If you failed to initialize the disk to GPT via Disk Management or Diskpart, you can try Powershell initialize disk.