G_Drive USB-C vs USB 3?

I’m looking for a desktop hard disk with 4TB capacity. The G-Drive looks great and would be my choice.
It has a USB-C model with 5400RPM speed (transfer up to 195MB/s)
and a USB 3.0 model with 7200RPM speed (transfer rate up to 245MB/s).

I’d like to choose the USB-C interface, even if it is more expensive, even if my computer has an USB 2.0 interface. Beiing the interface for the future, I should change my computer within the next year.
But this model is not as fast as the USB 3.0 model.

Can someone tell me if speed is more important than the newest USB interface? Or why the USB-C interface has a slower transfer speed?


You wrote it down in your own post, the drive in the USB-C model is a slower drive. It is a 5400RPM drive as opposed to 7200RPM for the USB 3.0 model.

You can use a USB 3.0 model and when the time comes for a newer computer just get a new USB cable that is USB 3.0 Type B (back of the drive) to C (newer computer) and you will be just fine and maintain the higher performance.

Dear Rydia, I see speed is more important than the type of connection (USB).
Many thanks for your help.

Definitely bet on upgrading to USB-C solutions in my opinion.

I know this is an old post, but if anyone stumbles upon it, keep in mind that most phones will adapt to USB C technology in the coming years(atleast according to experts).

Same goes for computer components, wherever you can just get USB-C to be on the safe side.