G-drive USB-C (3.1) doesn't show in win7HP

What the topic says, the G-drive doesn’t show up in win 7.
Yes, I’ve read the help stuff, windows 7 download, and the posts.

WIN 7 Home premium…
G-Drive USB-C, 4.0TB, USB 3.1 (blue)
'Puter has six USB Ports,
two in back are blue
two in back are black
two in front are black

I’ve used SSD USB devices everywhere w/o an issue.

These instructions assume you can see the drive, which I cannot.

I’ve not formatted a thing and I’ve never used this device.
I assumed when I need to back up, I’d do a simple format
NTFS and be done with it.


I see the other disks for my system:
0,1= (C: D: E: F: )
2,3,4,5 Removable Media (I: J: K: L:)
CDROM 0 (G:)
CDROM 1 (M:)

Don’t know what else to do, do you?

Thanks for checking this out.

Here is what I don’t see when I go to format the G-Drive,
namely the G-Drive itself.