G-Drive Thunderbolt 3 completely freezes XPS 15 9570

I recently bought a G-Drive 6TB Thunderbolt 3 desktop drive and since day 1, it has been giving me issues. The most common issue is that shortly after if not immediately when plugging it in to my XPS 15 Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port or via my Dell TB16 dock, it immediately freezes my entire PC. I’m trying to narrow the problem down because im not sure if its the G-Drive, the PC or just the Thunderbolt port. Has anyone else had this issue? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Did you find a fix for this? I am having the same issue with a new 18-TB drive and Dell Precision 7760 notebook PC.

Not exactly. Through trial and error ive sort of got a work around. Simply do not have the drive powered on during startup or anything. I first make sure my computer is fully booted then I plug the drive in and power on. I also disconnect and power off before unplugging it or shutting down the computer. The problem seems to arise when the computer is waking from sleep or booting up. Things like that trigger the freeze I think. It’s very weird but I think it has to do with power surging a laptops power supply or something. Because these G drives kind of gnarly. I hope that helps! If you learn anything different, let me know.

Interesting, if I connect or disconnect while the PC is powered on, it locks up and Windows 10 blue screens. I have to connect and power up the drive before powering on the notebook.