G-Drive Pro

My Pro seems to run fine until I try to copy a file/s more than 400mb then it sticks about halfway and bombs out, the drive formats ok and reports that everything is ok but will not copy and if I use it in windows 10 pro it wants to be initialised but says it can’t as not enough room its a 2tb drive which is empty and windows reports it as 0 meg

The drive is pre-formatted for Mac out of the box, the piece you are formatting is a small unused part of the drive thats only about 200MB.

You need to completely remove the Mac format from the drive using DISKPART or use our formatting software to do it for you.

Windows Format Wizard

Hi thanks for your quick reply every time I try to use windows format wizard I get unhandled exception has occurred in a component in your application. if you click continue the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue, (object reference not set to an instance of an object), I then continue it asks me to name drive and give it a letter then formats it in lest than a second and says its now ready for windows when its not even been touched.

please help I am running windows 10 pro and have installed the drivers for win10 from g- tech site don’t know what else to do??? rather expensive brick

Then the process will require manual removal of the partition and format.

How to format a drive for Windows

Hi I followed your instructions and windows says cant initialize drive small than 10 gig (or it may have been 10mb) then bombs out with error and takes the drive offline and I need to reboot

That means you are not following the instructions. What you have most likely done is try to configure a small partition of the drive or you are interfacing with the wrong drive all together.

Please call in to our support if you are still having issues. 888.426.5214 for US based support.