G-Drive PRO 2TB Thunderbolt not seen on Mac High Sierra

My G-Drive was working fine till March 8th. We lost power during a snow storm and I am not able to get my Mac Pro to recognize this drive again.
The drive turns on, but it is not seen on mac - not even by Disk Utility. I tried connecting it to my Mac Book Pro, same outcome.
Has anybody faced similar issue? Any suggestions on how can I recover this HDD/Data?


Verify you are attaching it with the correct power adapter. It is possible it was switched around. It will be a 12v 2 or greater Amp power adapter.

If it isn’t showing up even with that then it could be a TB cable issue. Can you hear/feel the drives spinning/vibrating in the enclosure?

Bought a new Thunderbolt cable and problem was resolved…
Thank you for your help.