G-Drive ok in Disk management but not in Explorer

Suddenly my almost new G-DATA 10Tb (correctly formatted) disappeared in Explorer.
In Disk Management nothing seems wrong, except for the name I’d given the HD. Also there’s no drive letter.

Had similar problems with two other G-DATA 6Tb HD’s. Even RAW (also: correct procedure with G-Utilities).

First priority: how can I approach my files again?

NB Only the small partition of G-Utilities is still visible in Explorer.

If the partition has been corrupted it would stop being recognized. Also you can add a drive letter to the partition in Disk Management if it still has a file system on it (NTFS, exFAT, etc).

Not possible.

And agáin the same problem with one of the three G-Data harddrives. So frustrating.
Formatted with the G-Utilities tool.

See if this helps you: G-Drive partition corrupted