G-Drive mobile USB won't load contents when opened


A couple months ago I bought a G-Drive mobile USB 3.0 1 TB from Amazon. From the beginning I have had problems with mounting. When I plug it in the drive turns on and I can hear it running, but the computer ( a Mac) doesn’t recognize it. I think it’s a hardware problem, because if I nudge the cord a certain way then it will mount, but if I move it back it will dismount. I use Adobe Lightroom for photography, and when I open the catalog from the drive, Lightroom won’t respond. Now when I plug it in and open the drive, nothing will load, or sometimes a couple folders will appear but they’ll be empty (they shouldn’t be). Could a replacement cord fix this, or is there also a software issue?


It could be related to a corrupted partition due to a bad connection and the drive being disconnected improperly each time. You can try attaching it with another cable to see if that gives a more solid connection. Otherwise we can get you a replacement unit under warranty.

You can create an RMA on our site here: RMA