G-drive mobile usb 2tb - not recognized with windows-7

I have a G-DRIVE MOBILE USB 2TB and need to format the drive for Windows 7 (NTFS).

My PC doesn’t recognized the G-DRIVE.
The drive’s light is on. So it works.

My problem occurs with reference to the following link on Support G-Technology:

From step 1 to 3, I have no problem.
On step 4, I have to identify the G-DRIVE MOBILE but it doesn’t appear in the list! See image…

I am stuck at this place!
Please help me!!! Thanks a lot for you attention!

Disk 1 is the G-Drive mobile, it matches the capacity of 2 TB and it shows the 3 partitions that all our G-Tech drives have on them due to them being formatted for a Mac out of the box. You can proceed with the rest of the steps using Disk 1 as your external drive.

Thank you very much for your help Rydia! It works! :smile: