G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD Randomly Disconnects - Thunderbolt 3 to 2020 Macbook Pro/Catalina

I’ve seen this problem meantion all over the Interwebs about the G-Drive Mobiles, and since I’ve owned this G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD 1TB (2 yrs, since they were first introduced, it’s always had trouble maintaining connectivity through Thunderbolt 3. Was hoping it would go away when I got a the newest Macbook Pro (mid-2020, running Catalina), but it still continues disconnect & reconnect and repeat that cycle intermittently. When it stays connected, the drive can easily maintain as a 4K video source, but continuing to disconnect in the middle of video data usage means that it cannot be used in this capacity. Super frustrating. I should note, this happens with NOTHING else connected to the other 3 Thunderbolt 3 ports on the Macbook Pro, so I don’t think it’s a bus power issue.

NOTE: I have two OwC Thunderbolt 3 SSD that NEVER have this issue. So it’s definitely specific to the G-Drive Mobile Pro SSD.

Any ideas out there, or threads with a solution?

I have the exact same issue, but the circumstances are a bit different, and a bit bizarre. I originally bought the 1TB TB3 Mobile Pro SSD to use as an external home drive for a 2018 Mac Mini with Catalina. It worked flawlessly until I updated to Big Sur.

Then the fun began. The drive was replaced 3 times, and the last time they sent me a brand new drive (in the actual retail packaging).

Months of troubleshooting, reinstalling, and the Apple engineering team could not find any reason why the drive wouldn’t work properly.

The bizarre part is, in desperation, I rolled back to Catalina, and the issue persisted. I give up.

I’ll let them replace it one more time, if that doesn’t do it, I’m done. I’ll never buy another product made by these guys, unless there are no other choices. Even then, I might decide to go without.