G drive mobile 2 tb unmounted itself and i cant mount it back

I have a G mobile USB Drive 2TB and i use it on my Mac, i don’t know the reason why but as i was Reviewing some files in it on bridge the photos started fading and It unmounted itself and there is no way i can mount it back even tho i do see the disk utilities. the name of the Actual disk comes transparent in Disk Utilities, it shows there is content inside but it doesn’t mount.

This happened already once to me with the same unit but i didn’t mind because i had all the content inside the disk Backed up, so i just formatted and it worked again, however this isn’t the case this time, i am a professional photographer and the files inside are highly important work that i cant afford to loose, i have tried contacting every possible resource i cant find to G technologies with no Luck of an answer back yet and i am Growing impatient. Please get back to me on what could be happening thanks!