G-Drive LED Activity Light Flashes Slowly, Drive Not Running


My 2TB External HDD G-Drive (0G02919) stopped working suddenly. When I plug it in and flip the power switch, the activity light flashes, but slowly, about once per second. The hard drive won’t spin or make any noise. It won’t run. I have searched for awhile but have not found anyone with the same issue. What does this mean?

Is it a power adaptor issue?

Is it an issue with the hardware?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can double check to make sure you are using the correct power adapter. It will be a 12v 2a power adapter.

Other than that it would be an issue with the drive mechanism possibly not spinning up due to failure.

If you need data from the drive at this point it would be recommended to open the enclosure and try the drive in another enclosure. This drive would be well passed warranty at this point most likely.